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Best Minecraft Tutorials For Both Java and Bedrock Edition

Best Minecraft Tutorials

Easy to follow tutorials for anyone running Minecraft servers or that wants to learn more about command blocks on Bedrock.

jdog minecraft tutorials

Java Edition Minecraft Tutorials

Included in the Java tutorials you will be able to find almost every aspect of Minecraft servers. The tutorials focus more on visuals rather than written tutorials like you can already find in places like Minecraft Wiki or DigMinecraft.

Every tutorial has a short description followed by a video created by myself showing exactly how to do it, Jdog. These are primarily from two channels, one on SeekaHost YouTube Channel and one or my own channel.

We believe strongly that people learn well from watching someone first and then being able to try for them self’s. And with videos you have the ability to pause at any point and really learn each segment. So the Minecraft tutorials are kept short and to the point on each subject but also showing the whole process.

Java Edition has many different features it holds. Shader packs, mods, mod packs, plugins are all part of the fun of having a Java edition server. With so much to learn we have created a category for every aspect of a server so you can find the video you are looking for.

Mod packs can be hard to install especially to servers, and you can find many modpack installation guides or single mod installation on the Minecraft Mod Page.

Java Minecraft Tutorials

Bedrock Minecraft Tutorials

Although the newest of the tutorial pages, its by far not going to be the one with the least. There are already some great command block tutorials on there and more being uploaded daily from the large library of Bedrock Minecraft Tutorials on both the YouTube Channels.

If your looking for an economy server or realm, you can find how to create currency’s, shops to buy and sell and much more.

From Minecraft Minigames to fun contraptions there is a large variety of Bedrock Guides either uploaded already or uploaded daily.

Bedrock Minecraft Tutorials

Minecraft Services

Another service provided on the Site is for server owners that for some reason or another either cant or don’t have time to configure their servers. There is a cheap service provided to have the team install plugins, mods or whatever else you might need done.

This is great for anyone looking to create an amazing server but simply hasn’t got time as life can get busy sometimes.

Learning Minecraft From the Beginning

With Minecraft being one of the number one selling games in the world there are always new people trying to learn about this wonderful world of crafting. Things can be complicated enough in game when trying to set up villager hauls or travel thousands of blocks. This is why servers can also prove a bit tricky and why the idea of having all the tutorials in one easy place come about.

It should now mean even a beginner at Minecraft can come on and learn exactly how to setup a server and play with his or her friends online safely.