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Top Tips for Construction Waste Clearance

Construction Builders Waste Removal Service

Over the last decade, London has experienced an unprecedented construction boom, with new apartments and malls coming up all over. While this is a good thing, it has its own shortcomings; chief among them clearing the construction waste and debris.

What does construction waste include?

Construction waste is generally categorized into three main groups:

  • Construction waste that was left from building new structures, things cement packaging material.
  • Old construction debris from demolishing or rebuilding a structure. Such waste may include insulation waste, wood, and other types of waste.
  • Waste from large construction sites, like highways.

The best thing about construction junk is that most of the waste can be reused and recycled. However, you should also know that some of the construction debris is considered hazardous; such should be handled with care.

Luckily, most waste removal companies provide builders waste management in their services. So, if you are not sure what you can do with the construction junk you have at your site, you can hire them. London Rubbish Removal is a good example; it is one of the top construction rubbish removal companies in London and the surrounding areas.

Below are some tips you can use just to reduce the construction/building waste.


Construction WastePrimarily, builders waste can be managed properly if you first deal with the reduction of the raw materials. Strive to minimize how much you use on the construction site so that you will have less rubble to deal with.

However, if this is not achievable during construction, you can try these other tips.

Reusing some of the waste

This is so much achievable. Get a recycling company that will help you reuse some of the construction materials you may have. The waste can be carefully detached and used in another construction project near you.

You can also vend the waste materials to other construction materials or give it away for free. This will greatly reduce the amount of construction debris that you will have to deal with.


Most of the construction junk materials is very recyclable. Waste like metal, paper, concrete, asphalt, glass, and many more are all recyclable. You can get advice on what can be recycled and what cannot be recycled from the manufacturer of your materials and your builders waste manager.

Disposing of the construction waste

When you have come to a decision that some of the building waste materials cannot be reused or recycled, you simply dispose of them off. The most convenient way is to hire skips from a waste collection company in London.

If you decide to hire skips, you should always consider hiring the right number of skips for you to sort out everything that needs to be discarded. You can have a skip for hazardous and another one for non-hazardous materials. Another skip could be for recyclable materials.

You should, ensure that you are hiring skips from a licensed company lest you pay for landfill tax if the company did not dispose of the debris legally.

Also, ensure that you have enough space to stand the skips in your site.


Handling construction waste materials can be a daunting task. However, with the right information and guidance, you can dispose of construction debris effectively. We have a load of experience clearing and collecting builders waste across many construction sites. We’re a fully licensed and insured waste removal company, operating across London. Don’t fret or break some sweat over that debris and rubble that needs disposal. Call All Junk Removals and we’ll be there in an instant. Your construction waste is our business, we clean up and leave the construction site neat and tidied up.