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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Virtual Comedian in the UK?

In case you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know about the recent rising trend of virtual events. Numerous comedy clubs and associations claim to deliver authentic performances connecting with their fans worldwide. Virtual live comedians generally cost almost the same as offline comedy show tickets, with an added discount of a no travelling fee.

It’s great to amp up your daily routine with a small online event in your office or house with a group of friends with a light-hearted fun comedy show. The most important thing here; How much do virtual comedians cost in the UK? Let’s find out here.

Cost Summary

Cost Summary

The rates here can vary a lot. Most online comedians charge approximately in the range of £200 to even £650 per event, depending on their brand value. Some comedians charge hourly, whereas some have fixed showtimes of their choice. Another factor where the rates differ is when the number of heads is charged individually, or a fixed unlimited audience price is provided.

While booking virtual comedians for your next get together, do look for the number of verified bookings alongside each available comedian. This will give you an idea of the authenticity of their show price. Refer to their ratings and reviews by top newspapers and media press journals to know more.

If you go for an online agency that has its share of hired comedians, the prices can go a little higher, like around £400 per event, extra pricing attributed to their high-level production quality. Freelancing virtual comedians can cost as low as £100 per event. The only gamble is if they are trustworthy or not, especially if they are newcomers in this arena with no ratings.

Cost to hire a Virtual Comedian

Last but not least, many comedy agencies offer joint packages for a great party night. They are super affordable if compared to booking multiple individual virtual comedians. They also come with a show manager. It can include kids’ comedy in the beginning, with added corporate jokes and a fun touch up of relatable family shenanigans; you can select your choice. So if these three individually cost you £200 each, they would price a combined package at only £450-500.

Closing words

And that’s it; it is that convenient to afford a virtual comedian. They are fun, easy to book and deliver performances like no other entertainers. You can go for private shows or large family parties with a single comedian or an array of comedians back to back. Packages are the best if you want to customise your next gathering according to everyone’s needs.